Which help to create an event


Private account

Participants will create convenient accounts, which will allow them to create and edit an application, keep all the information about taking part in festivals: certificates, score, the jury’s commentary

Create an event in a minute

Create festival, competition or tournament. Set up application fields, competition program in just a few clicks.

Online payment

Participants can easily pay their applications, hotels or other additional services on your bank account via VISA, MasterCard, MIR, PayPal

E-mail messaging

Create notifications and mass messaging and send them automatically to participants or certain groups

Filling in certificates automatically

Filling in certificates automatically based on participants’ applications and the jury’s assessments. Digital copies of certificates are sent to participants’ accounts by organizers command.

Online jury

The jury puts a score on the electronic protocol. There are several ways to demonstrate the score, either during online translations or in the tables.

Competition programs and timing just in one click.

Competition programs and timing are created by clicking one button according to genre, nominations and other categories. Also there’s editing manually feature.

The jury’s commentary on participants’ performance

The jury can comment on performances during competition by video-, audio- and text commentaries. It’s saved in the account.

Phonograms and other files collection

Participants can upload phonograms and other files in their applications themselves. The platform collects, sorts, signs and gives possibility to open the file from competition program.

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Available anytime, anywhere

Available anytime and anywhere You no longer need to think about the technical support of the event. We will do it for you!

1. Works on any device and operation system.

All functions and features are available on any device (PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and also on any operation system (Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS/iPhone)

2. Multilingual

The platform supports more than 14 languages and keeps developing.

3. Reliability and safety of your data

All the participants information keeps and transfers in incrypted form. Participants’ database is protected by password and stored on a separate server.

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1. Creating an event.

Organizer creates a festival page, uploads terms and conditions, sets up application from and fields

2. Creating an application

- Create an application in your account

- Possibility to edit your application manually

- Attaching phonograms and any other files

3. Work with applications

-Participants can pay an application in their account via bank card.

-Organizer changes application statuses, “paid”, “in competition program” and so on.

- The platform notifies participants about a status change automatically via E-mail.

4. Making a competition program

- The platform makes competition program and timing according to nominations and age categories automatically. It’s possible to sort performance order manually.

- The program looks like a page with tables. The link can be sent to every participant for check-up.

- The platform forms protocols (assessment lists) for the jury in electronic format (can be printed if you wish)

5. Performing an event

- Participants can appear on ordinary stage or in live. Two formats united by one system.

- The platform starts broadcasting an event automatically.

- The system can demonstrate the jury’s assessment or Top-10 (like on the Eurovision) in different ways.

- The platform generates captions for every performance from applications.

6. Refereeing. Reward

- The jury gives points on any device with internet connection (even mobile phone);

- The jury can make an assessment on distance, watching the competition in live (audio and video are in the best quality);

- The jury can make a audio-, video- and text commentaries during performance. They appear in participant’s account.

-The platform fills in a certificate and distributes them by places and grade according to the jury’s assessment.


Creating perfection in organization in order not to disturb art


Customer thanks

Good development, it helped a lot to work with the jury's comments, no need to cut, everything automatically goes to the offices. Automation does not fail, thanks!

Alexandra Ivancova

We have tried the demo version and are already using the full version. You can be calm about diplomas, competition programs and collection of phonograms.

Olga Sirina

Thanks to Art Pro, members can make changes themselves, this saves them time and, of course, ours. The participants also praised the payment online, because there are no transitions to other sites, unnecessary information input, etc. Thanks to the creators!

Vasilisa Kupleshova
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1 Event
49 €
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  • Unlimited number of applications
  • Technical support
  • Full access to all functions
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2 Events
85 €
42.5 € per event
  • Unlimited number of applications
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4 Events
160 €
40 € per event
  • Unlimited number of applications
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Full support event

The service offers the organizers a service «Full support event»

Full support event
225 €

For you, we have prepared a personal manager who will take all applications for you. Solve all issues related to registration and changes in the applications of participants. Competition programs and protocols for jury members will be ready on time. We will explain and teach your jury members to rate your participants from anywhere in the world. We will fill out and send diplomas and gratitude to all your participants quickly and without errors.

  • A personal manager to resolve all issues of participants related to filing applications, making changes, etc.
  • Personal manager for the organizer to resolve all issues related to applications, drawing up programs, working with the jury, filling out and sending out diplomas and certificates
  • Creation and coordination of the individual design of your organizer's website with the published event and the application form
  • Acceptance of an unlimited number of applications within the framework of the event
  • Compilation and publication of the program of the (competitive) event
  • Preparation and explanation for the jury of the assessment scheme according to your Regulation
  • Auto-filling and mailing of diplomas, gratitude and certificates using your templates at the end of the event in accordance with the Regulations
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